5 Slimming Products Banned in Singapore (And The Best Alternatives)

what slimming products are banned in singapore?

Singapore is known for its strict regulations and laws designed to maintain peace and order. However, many may be unaware of the more obscure items and activities that are banned here. In particular, Singapore's Health Sciences Authority has strict rules when it comes to the sale and consumption of slimming products. Many weight loss supplements and diet pills have been banned due to their potential health risks, serious adverse effects, and lack of efficacy.

In this article, we'll be taking a closer look at five slimming products that are banned in Singapore, why they are prohibited, and what else can be you to lose weight and look slimmer. So if you're planning on trying a new weight loss supplement, be sure to read this guide first to ensure that it is safe and legal to use.

Banned Slimming Products

Banned Slimming Products in Singapore
banned slimming products in singapore

The Health Sciences Authority (HSA) of Singapore has taken strict measures to ban certain slimming products from being sold in the country. Consumers are also advised to be careful of products that carry exaggerated claims such as the ability to deliver unexpectedly quick effects. Here are the five banned slimming products in Singapore:

1) Nutriline Thinsline

This product contains the banned substance sibutramine, which has been linked to an increased risk of stroke and heart attack.

2) Nutriline Cleansline

This product was found to contain a laxative called sennoside which can be unsafe when used in large quantities.

3) KiMiSo Dark Chocolate

This product contains sibutramine which has been linked to an increased risk of stroke and heart attack, as well as diphenhydramine which is an antihistamine not suitable for weight loss.


This product contains sibutramine, which has been linked to an increased risk of stroke, heart attack and other serious adverse effects.

5) Slim 10 Diet Control Pill

This product was found to contain banned substances like phenolphthalein, diclofenac, and sibutramine.

Best Slimming Alternative Treatments:

1) EMS

EMS works by delivering electrical impulses to the muscles through pads placed on the skin. These impulses cause the muscle fibers to contract, mimicking the same process that occurs during voluntary exercise. The idea is that by using EMS, you can achieve results similar to those from traditional exercise, but with less effort and in less time.

2) Radiofrequency

RF electric wave is used to generate heat deeper in the skin and ensure comfort. It transforms RF electric wave into a heat exchanger that warms collagen tissue in the dermis layer.

When deep collagen tissue is heated to 45°C-60°C, it will naturally stimulate and create new collagen to replace the lost collagen protein, tightening the skin on your arms and removing wrinkles. This non-invasive, treatment is popular with people that want fat reduction, reduced cellulite, and tighter skin.

3) Fat Freeze

Cryolipolysis or Coolsculpting is a procedure that uses freezing temperatures to target and destroy only fat cells without damaging the surrounding tissue. This is a great choice for people who are looking to lose weight, when coupled with lifestyle changes. It's a non-invasive way to reduce unwanted fats and gain a more contoured physique.

Frequently Asked Questions

What medicines are not allowed in Singapore?

Singapore restricts and bans certain medicines due to potential for serious adverse effects, including those containing pseudoephedrine, dextromethorphan (DXM), codeine, steroids, and anti-seizure medication.

Why is sibutramine banned in Singapore?

Sibutramine is a medicine that was once used to treat obesity but was banned in Singapore due to its adverse effects on the cardiovascular system.

Can I bring supplements to Singapore?

It is not advisable to bring supplements or vitamins into Singapore without prior approval from the Health Sciences Authority (HSA). Always exercise caution before buying supplements and go to your nearest healthcare professional for advise.

How long does it take to see results: EMF, Radiofrequency, Fat Freeze

Results may vary for each individual; however, most users can expect to see results within 4 - 6 weeks after treatment with EMF, radiofrequency and fat freeze treatments.