Good vs Evil

Ever wondered why even the best aesthetic places suddenly start to hard-sell over time?

  • Why so many places close down with unfulfilled packages?
  • Why it's suddenly hard to book appointments after you buy packages?
  • Or why you're always baited/set-up/tricked into the consult room for another sales session (even when you haven't completed your packages)?

Us too. That's why we exist.

If you're curious about the answers to those questions, check out our blog
But here are 3 things we think are stupid and absurd.
  • Resources (such as time & payroll) allocated to 3(!!) beauticians, consultants and even doctors lined up trying to take money from your pocket to theirs.
  • Precious time is wasted nearly every session while trying to use the package you paid for... "I ALREADY SAID NO!!! STOP. SELLING. ME."
  • That before us, it was hard to find a trustworthy place where people could just get their facials and slimming treatments.

Yes. We believe it's possible for Singapore where Hard-Selling & Big Packages are a thing of the past.