Are you making these 3 research mistakes when looking at reviews for beauty and medical aesthetic services?

If you're looking for ethical beauty and medical aesthetics places that don't hard-sell, you've come to the right place.

Here are the 3 mistakes to avoid making when researching aesthetic clinics.

1. You look at 5-star reviews and average reviews instead of the 1-star reviews

Bad Ratings over Good Rating

Even if businesses have fake 5-star reviews that mask the 1-stars, the 1-stars are still there. Go and look at how the reasons and their explanations for why something was 1-star. Was the customer difficult or having a bad day?

Or is the business consistently doing unethical things like hard-selling and under-delivering on their promises?

When multiple 1-star reviews say that a place is hard-selling but their 5-star reviews say they don't hard-sell, which do you think is true?

2. You look for the big medical groups instead of the solo medical aesthetic practices.

Endless loop of package debt

Big medical groups are run by business people who might or might not be ethical. There are owners, they hire doctors and sales consultants.

The doctors are paid well (about $20,000 to $40,000 SGD a month) to do their jobs. The problem is that the owners of the company usually structure the incentives such that people are rewarded for more revenue.

This creates an environment where hard-selling is inevitable and almost all the big groups end up with big packages, sales consultants, and hard-selling.

Instead, if you go to a solo practice (where they have one doctor), the business is structured in such a way that the business and the doctor win when the patient wins. It's not always the case for big groups.

3. You don't look for places with fewer consultants

Hard selling or personalised advice

As a business person in the beauty space, here's a secret for you that most people do not think about or notice.

The more consultants there are, the more likely they are to have pushy sales.

Why is this so?

Think about it... When there are more beauty consultants, their salary is coming from somewhere. If the sales consultants are indeed creating value by making good recommendations that are good for clients, then their salary is justified. But if they're there selling you something and then asking you to top-up and then asking you to continue... Are they actually creating value?

Or are they getting paid to push people to buy things they might regret... And getting paid to annoy customers?

Well, this is something that is hard to research before choosing a place for a trial. But once you go for a trial, you can always ask them how many consultants they have. And if they have too many, it is a red flag.

Alternatively, since this is our blog, you can come to Kosme. We only have one consultant working right now, since our beauticians are able to recommend treatments well. The consultant only helps with trials and there is no constant hard-selling going on. Ever.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you doing this?

We're on a mission to make hard-selling and big packages a thing of the past. We believe it's possible for an ethical aesthetics business to do well and want others to do the same.

Can you help me grow my business?

We strongly believe in collaborating with other businesses and having "co-opetition". Feel free to email [email protected] and let me know what you'll like help with.

What do I do if I'm stuck in a package and they keep selling me?

You have two choices - the first is to forfeit the last few sessions so you don't have to sit through the pain of getting pressure sold to, struggle with booking your final appointments and worrying about whether they'll screw up your facial.

If you're not willing to do that, then the second way is to keep going and coming up with reasons such as telling them firmly that you'll only decide when you're down to your final session.