We exist to make Hard-Selling and Big Packages a thing of the past.

No Packages.
No Hard-Selling.
No Hidden Fees.

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For People Who Are Sick of Hard-Selling & Big Packages.

We create fast face & body aesthetic results for our clients at mid-range prices.

We do that by cutting out the expensive and time-sucking sales consultants you don't want.

You can choose to continue listening to Their lies. Their overpromises. Their locked rooms. Their hard-selling. Or you can choose Kosme.

Top 6 Best-Selling Services

Acne Annihilating Facial ($200)
We won't promise to clear your acne in 7 days or with only 1 facial, because this will be too harsh for your skin. Instead, we give your skin the care it needs, giving your pimples the time it needs to safely "pop" out of your life. We guarantee that 83% of your acne will be gone within 57 days or 110% of your money back.
EmShape ($250)
For people who want to tone or sculpt the last few inches of fat. Known as a Butt Lift alternative. Popular for creating lines in the abdominals. Great before beach vacays where you want to look your hottest (or seduce someone).

Fat Freeze ($250)
For those with "kiap-able" fats they want to lose. The fat freeze cups uses a high-powered suction to freeze your fats off at -5°C, causing fat cell death, which is then passed out of your system in natural ways.

Whitening Facial ($200)
Legend has it that a Kosme vain-pot read scientific journals, ingredient labels and tested countless products to design this facial. So that she can walk her beach-loving Borderdoodle while maintaining her preferred face tone.

Super Hair Removal (from $50)
Full Brazilian. Full Legs. Full Arms. Dear ladies and gents, according to team Kosme, no one likes eating hair. Wait, why are you even eating someone's leg hair?

LED Teeth Whitening ($200)
Desperately need Coffee every morning? To recover from too much French Reds last night? Probably not you, but some of us find it hard to say no to your friend's Cigarettes after a couple of drinks. Do this treatment if you want your teeth whiter (hey - boss doesn't need to know about last night.)

What People Say About Kosme

100% real, 100% uncompensated reviews.
I’ll say that you can walk in feeling safe for yourself and your wallets.
I tried the fat freeze 360 trial they had. It was my first time there and first time trying such treatment.

She explained to me the procedure and how the ala carte & membership services work. No hard-sell vibes at all. She was reallyyyyy just explaining it. Which was great!

Jolin also dropped by to check on me during the therapy to make sure that I was doing alright. Very attentive during the therapy and she also listened to my needs. I appreciate VERY MUCH that she laughed along with my nonsense.

Theresa Leong
It felt like I was hanging out with an old friend
I had a fabulous experience trying out the free fat-freeze treatment. My therapist was Queenie and she was truly wonderful! She was really patient and answered all my questions and addressed all my concerns prior to the treatment. During the treatment, she explained the process thoroughly and came to check on me multiple times. She was just so friendly and warm, it felt like I was hanging out with an old friend. I am not sure how effective the treatment was as the result takes time, but I am certainly coming back, only because of Queenie's excellent service. Kosme, you have a true gem working for you. Please treasure her!
Rekha K R Nair
Good service and treatment
I always want to solve my acne scars on my cheeks and I tried to enquire about treatment at Kosme Aesthetics. I was offered MTS and Oxyreplenish treatment during my consultation and there on agree to try 10 sessions. I was slightly painful during the treatment but over time I began to see improvement
Cosy environment, friendly staff, reassuring service
First visited after seeing an ad on Facebook, and have returned for sessions for the past year. My skin has improved and I appreciate the treatments and constant advice made by the staff after monitoring my skin.
Ng Si Ning
Customised facial treatments and friendly consultant and aestheticians
Was here in July 2014 when I took up a promotion for acne clear treatment via Facebook. When I did the first treatment, I knew I had to continue my facial treatments here. The extraction process was almost painless(my threshold for pain is really low) and by the first treatment, my acne problems significantly reduced. After which, I took up other treatments as my skin is rather sensitive and if you're willing to put in the time, you will definitely see results.
Evelyn Yeo
Best treatment and excellent service!
I came about the promotion through social media and decided to try. Kosme have uniquely tailored the most effective way to my acne scarred skin. Their honesty and determination to provide the best was extraordinare. They gave me full detailed attention and excellent care upon every visit i made. The MTS Treatment really works and highly recommended to those who need help to problem skin but be warn it will come with abit of pain. You will definitely see the end result in time. I have been with them for almost half a year and will still come back again. Best ever treatment and wonderful service. Thank you Jaslyn and team for making it happen. You guys are the greatest.
Nora A.
Wonderful Experience
My experience with Kosme had been wonderful. The staff is very helpful and kind to my results. I treat my teeth whitening sessions as a rest session where I can enjoy 15 mins of nap while whitening my teeth. I been to Kosme 9 months ago. I doing for the teeth whitening because I have yellow teeth. The results have been great! Everyone tells me my teeth look beautiful.

Highly recommended for men/women who regularly drinks coffee/tea, eats curry based food and anyone who smokes! If you don't have perfect teeth you can have white teeth.
Nora H.
Attracted by their no package system, highly recommend!
Attended a fat freeze trial with Kosme and definitely coming back for the 2nd treatment. Therapist is attentive and share with me the procedure and results I would get. Though I rescheduled twice due to my work , the counter staff are still very accommodating and patient to give me a time slot. Attracted by their no package system, highly recommend!
Tiffany Chim
Definitely will be back few more times
Very nice environment with a very clear explanation to all details and share what is suitable for my  need and  very important no pushing sale, no package. Very friendly.. definitely will be back few more times.
Serene Ong
Happy with better skin!
I've been with Kosme for six months and have tried the cryolase and fractional lasers, MDS, and lymphatic drainage to treat my congested skin and acne scars.

I've seen an improvement especially with my shrunken pores and softer skin. The estheticians are knowledgeable, friendly, and thorough.

There are special packages on offer often so you can afford to try their different services.