Kosme Aesthetics

Enjoy These Privileges With Kosme

Ala-Carte ($250 Nett Per Treatment)

All of our treatments are $250
  • Full Service Facials
  • EmShape
  • Fat Freeze
  • Body Toning
  • SHR (All Body Parts)
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Body Whitening

Kosme Membership ($190 Per Treatment)

$380 billed monthly. Includes All treatments as listed in Ala Carte Menu

  • $100 members registration fees. (Waivable if signed up within 48 hours from the trial date)
  • Membership includes 2 treatments every month
  • $190 for any additional treatment (inclusive of GST)
  • Cancel anytime, with 1 week notice
  • Minimum commitment period: 3 billing cycles
  • Unused credits rolled-over during next billing
  • Upon cancellation, remaining credits have to be utilised within 30 days.

Terms and Conditions

  1. 48 hours appointment cancellation/rescheduling policy. Any changes to your appointment, including rescheduling, has to be done 48 hours before your appointment date and time. Any changes made after will be considered as late, which will result in a credit being deducted. Exceptions can be made in medical emergencies, where a doctor's note is required.
  2. Freezing of your membership is not allowed because any unused credits will be rolled over to the next billing period.
  3. Membership cancellations. There is a minimum commitment of 3 billing periods. Any cancellation requests have to be made in writing to [email protected] at least 7 days before your next billing date. Upon successful cancellation, any unused credits will expire 30 days after your cancellation date.
  4. Credit card failures. In the event your credit card was rejected for any reason, including but not limited to insufficient funds, you'll be notified. After which, you'll have 24 hours to either provide your new credit card information or rectify the problem with your current credit card. Failure to do so within 24 hours will result in the immediate termination of your membership privileges and you forfeit any unused credits.
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