Fat Freezing Systems and Devices At Home?

As fat freezing becomes a popularised non-invasive body contouring method, people naturally seek cheaper alternatives to this treatment. The market is saturated with different home fat-freezing methods and devices these days.

In this article, we will evaluate the effectiveness of the various method, and provide reasons as to which is the best.

Best Fat freezing system at home
What is the best home fat freezing system?

Various home fat freezing methods and their effectiveness

1) Ice packs

When you think of freezing fat cells at home you might think of using ice packs to freeze the stubborn fat. Some have tried placing it on their arms, thighs, stomach and chin in hopes that it will reduce the growth of subcutaneous fats. But you should not do it as this method is not effective. Ice alone is insufficient in reaching the ideal temperature of -8 degrees to freeze fat cells.

2) Lipo-belt

 fat freezing method at home (lipo belt)
Is it safe to freeze away fat at your home?

Lipo-belt is a popular home fat-freezing method. Some of these belts use specially formulated gel packs, while others are fitted with cold packs and strapped around the waist. They claimed to induce a cold temperature which illicit fat cell death. However, the temperature of these belts is not regulated to a precise degree, causing it to be too cold which damages the skin or too warm to freeze the fats. It is unlikely that you will achieve your desired results from it, hence, lipo-belt is not an effective method.

3) Purchase fat freezing device at home

Purchasing fat-freezing devices at home may potentially work, but it is not without risks and inconvenience. There are a few factors to be considered here.

Firstly, it is crucial to have someone with the skills to help you put it on. Since you are working with negative temperatures, you can potentially burn your skin and cause irreversible damage. You'll need to know how the fat-freezing machines work. A professional would have a better idea of which areas of your body to place the device and how long the device should be left on the skin.

Secondly, it is very costly to own one of the best fat-freezing machines. The right fat-freezing machine that may work can cost up to a few thousand dollars. Furthermore, it is expensive to buy fat-freeze membranes individually. Beauty stores typically buy it in bulk to reduce the cost of treatment.

Lastly, you will have to do your research on which membrane to purchase for your fat-freezing treatment. These gel-like membranes are laid on the skin before the fat freeze applicator is applied. It is important to use a high-quality fat freeze membrane as it protects you from skin damage and frostbite.

If you would like to use a fat-freezing machine at home, make sure you do it in a safe manner as it can potentially result in a lot of harm, if done incorrectly.

Take away

Out of the 3 most popular fat freezing process, purchasing a fat-freezing device is the best as it has the highest chance of seeing results. However, do note that these devices are not FDA-approved and should be approached with caution.

If you want an effective way to reduce body fat using coolsculpting methods, consult a professional aesthetician who will be able to use proper fat-freezing machines with cold temperatures to achieve your desired results on the treatment site.

At Kosme Aesthetics, we conduct over 800 treatments per month and are very experienced in guiding you through the best treatment for your needs. Alongside a healthy lifestyle, you will see results from this treatment.

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Fat freeze comparison
Price comparision of fat freeze session

Frequently Asked Questions

Does fat freezing work?

Fat freeze is a well-known medical technique that has shown a non-surgical facelift with just a few sessions and is clinically proven safe. This is a non-invasive non-surgical procedure that helps with fat reduction. It offers many benefits over conventional weight loss techniques as a noninvasive method. In 2008 an American Medical Association study found cryolipolysis reduced fat layers by 45%.

Over the following weeks, your immune system will clear off the fats in natural ways.

Is freezing fat worth it?

After one session, fat freezing has been proven in clinical trials to effectively lower subcutaneous fats by 25%. Clients who want to reduce body fats while still seeing significant results in the shortest amount of time are attracted to the treatment's effectiveness. The fat freezing cost varies from place to place and whether it's worth it also depends on how much you pay.

kill fat cells by fat freezing which helps in body contouring, the dead fat cells gets flushed through lymphatic system
Kill fat cells by fat freezing which helps in body contouring, the dead fat cells gets flushed through lymphatic system

Is Freezing Fat Permanent?

You may still gain weight if you do not maintain your diet. Although our competitors might try to tell you that the results are permanent, we want you to know that this still depends on having the appropriate diet plan.

If you do one or two sessions but then eat 5000 calories, you're still going to experience weight gain. If you're doing the sessions and maintaining your ideal body weight, the results often last a long time.

Is it Good to Freeze your Fat?

Efficacy of fat frosting Clinical trials shows fat freezing reduces subcutaneous fat reduction in a single session. It is effective for clients seeking to reduce weight and wanting significant results in the shortest time.

fat reduction treatment to reduce stubborn fat pockets(unwanted fat cells)
Fat Reduction treatment to reduce stubborn fat pockets (unwanted fat cells)
How much does freezing your fat cost?

Trials can range from $0 all the way to $600. The cheapest we've seen if you do ala-carte is $250, but most places price it from $500.If you buy Fat Freezing packages, the cost per session can go anywhere from $150 to $500.

At Kosme Aesthetics we charge $0 for the first trial. $0 for the second trial. And then $380 (2 sessions) if you want to continue sessions on a bi-weekly basis.