Top 7 Medi Spas: A Complete Guide to Medispa - Singapore

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Discover a world of rejuvenation and beauty as we unveil the top 7 Medispas in Singapore. From renowned establishments offering professional medical treatments to serene spaces delivering head-to-toe pampering, this comprehensive guide showcases the epitome of aesthetic excellence. Whether you're seeking innovative facial treatments, body massages, or non-invasive procedures, join us on a journey through Singapore's most sought-after Medispas for a holistic and relaxing beauty experience.

Embracing the Medispa Experience in Singapore

Introduction to the Concept of Medispas

The concept of Medispas combines the tranquility of a spa with the expertise of medical professionals, offering a unique and comprehensive approach to beauty and wellness. In Singapore, Medispas have gained immense popularity for their ability to provide aesthetic treatments and medical procedures in a serene and relaxing environment.

The Rising Trend and Demand for Medispa Services in Singapore

The demand for Medispa services in Singapore has witnessed a significant uptrend, reflecting a growing preference for holistic beauty and wellness experiences. Patients seek professional services that address various types of skincare concerns, from uneven skin tone to body treatments, all under one roof.

Criteria for Selection: What Makes a Top Medispa in Singapore?

Factors Influencing the Inclusion in the Top 7 List

The selection of the top Medispas in Singapore involves careful consideration of various factors. Expertise, safety, and customer satisfaction play pivotal roles in determining the inclusion of a Medispa in the esteemed list. Each Medispa's commitment to providing an extensive range of aesthetic treatments and medical procedures is a crucial criterion.

Emphasis on Expertise, Safety, and Customer Satisfaction

To be recognised among the top Medispas in Singapore, a clinic must demonstrate exceptional expertise in administering aesthetic treatments and medical procedures. The safety of patients is paramount, adhering to FDA-approved injections and non-invasive procedures. Customer satisfaction, presented through positive reviews and testimonials, is a testament to the professionalism of the team.

The Top 7 Medispas in Singapore: A Comprehensive Guide

1. Kosme Aesthetic Clinic

Kosme Aesthetics is an award-winning, vibrant, and trendy Korean concept Beauty and Aesthetics centre located at Orchard Gateway. We specialise in Facials and Slimming, and our clients love our memberships. We make it possible for people to have facials and excellent skin without getting cheated. We align incentives between clients, therapists and business owners. It's possible to have an ethical aesthetics business that doesn't hard-sell.

From our Big Why, we came up with this that we promise will improve the quality of your time with us at Kosme Aesthetics:

-No Packages

-No Upsells

-No Top-ups

-No Products For Sales

-No Waiting Time of More Than 4min 59s

We are located at:

Orchard gateway: 277 Orchard Road, 09 Orchard Gateway, #03 - 08, Singapore 238858.

Plaza Singapura: 68 Orchard Rd, #04-08D Plaza Singapura, Singapore 238839.

PLQ: 1 Paya Lebar Link #01-05 PLQ 2 Paya Lebar Quarter, Singapore 408533.

2. The Clifford Clinic

Renowned among beauty aesthetics enthusiasts, The Clifford Clinic in Singapore offers a medispa experience like no other. Led by Dr. Gerard Ee, an aesthetic doctor specialising in non-invasive treatments, this clinic aims to boost patients' self-esteem by addressing unwanted flaws and delivering desired results. Visit 24 Raffles Place #01-03 Clifford Centre, Singapore 048621 (Exit A from Raffles MRT) during their operating hours from Monday to Friday (10 am - 8 pm) and Saturday (10 am - 5 pm). They remain closed on Sundays and public holidays. Contact them at +65 6532 2400.

3. Eternelle V Medispa

Certified for delivering results on different skin types and concerns, Eternelle V Medispa focuses on providing treatments suitable for your skin, using natural and promedical ingredients. Located at 101 Irrawaddy Road, Royal Square At Novena #13-10 & 11, Singapore 329565, their operating hours are from Tuesday to Friday (10:30 am - 8 pm), Saturday (10:30 am - 7 pm), and Sunday (11 am - 5 pm). They are closed on Mondays. Contact them at +65 6732 3839.

4. IYAC Aesthetic Clinic

Founded in 2005, IYAC Aesthetic Clinic boasts close to two decades of experience. Offering a range of beauty procedures from basic facial treatments to advanced coolsculpting, this clinic focuses on non-invasive treatments in a chill and peaceful ambience. Visit One Orchard Blvd, #06-03/04 Camden Medical Centre, Singapore 248649, operating daily from 8:30 am to 5 pm. Contact them at +65 6738 9989.

5. Bio Aesthetic Medispa

Bio Aesthetic Medispa stands out for providing various types of aesthetic treatments to address a multitude of skin concerns. With a focus on safe and effective procedures, this clinic, located at Palais Renaissance, 390 Orchard Road #03-01, Singapore 238871, operates from Monday to Friday (11 am - 8:30 pm) and Saturday (10 am - 6 pm). They are closed on Sundays. Contact them at +65 6333 4566.

6. The Wellness Clinic

At The Wellness Clinic, experience fully-tested, non-surgical rejuvenation and anti-aging treatments designed to boost your appearance. Beyond microneedling, they offer facelifts, hair transplants, and tattoo removal among other treatments. Visit 501 Orchard Road, #04-01 Wheelock Place, Singapore 238880, operating from Monday to Friday (11 am - 8 pm) and Saturday (10 am - 2 pm). They remain closed on Sundays. Contact them at +65 6732 0812 or +65 8377 1090.


Astique, a boutique-style clinic, offers facial to overall body treatments with a certified FDA-approved approach. Specialising in addressing saggy skin, aging, and wrinkles, Astique is located at 350, #08-00 Orchard Rd, Shaw House, Singapore 238868. They operate from Monday to Friday (10 am - 8 pm). Contact them at +65 6732 3801 or +65 9857 7892.

Embark on your Medispa journey with these top-notch establishments, each promising a blend of expertise, innovation, and a relaxing atmosphere for a holistic beauty and wellness experience.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials for Each Featured Medispa

Before embarking on your Medispa journey, explore customer reviews and testimonials for each featured clinic. Gain insights into the experiences of previous customers to make an informed decision about your preferred Medispa.

Specialised Services and Unique Offerings of Each Medispa

Each of the featured Medispas offers a range of specialised services and unique treatments catering to diverse beauty and wellness needs. From laser therapy for skin tightening to tattoo removal, discover the extensive range of treatments that set these Medispas apart.

Exploring Medispa Technologies and Innovations

An Overview of Advanced Technologies Used in Top Medispa Treatments

Top Medispas in Singapore leverage cutting-edge technologies to ensure the best results for their patients. From laser therapies for wrinkles to advanced skincare products, staying abreast of technological innovations is key to delivering exceptional outcomes.

The Role of Innovation in Enhancing the Medispa Experience

Innovation plays a pivotal role in elevating the Medispa experience. Discover how these top Medispas integrate the latest technologies, ensuring that patients receive the benefits of advancements in aesthetic treatments and skincare.

Staying Informed About the Latest Trends in Top Medispa Services

For those on a skincare journey, staying informed about the latest trends in Medispa services is crucial. Whether it's non-invasive facelifts or holistic programs, the top Medispas in Singapore offer treatments aligned with the latest industry trends.

Tailoring Medispa Experiences to Individual Needs

Customising Top Medispa Treatments Based on Skin Types and Concerns

The journey to natural beauty involves customising Medispa treatments based on individual skin types and concerns. Whether addressing acne or focusing on skin tones, top Medispas offer personalised plans for optimal results.

Consultations and Personalised Plans for Optimal Results

Before embarking on any Medispa treatment, a consultation with a professional is essential. Top Medispas prioritise understanding the unique needs of their patients, creating personalised plans that cater to specific skincare goals.

Creating a Relaxing and Rejuvenating Atmosphere for Clients

Beyond the treatments, top Medispas in Singapore excel in creating a peaceful and rejuvenating atmosphere for their clients. From the moment you enter the clinic to the completion of your treatment, experience a great sense of relaxation and tranquility.

Medispa Wellness Beyond Aesthetics

Integrating Wellness Services and Holistic Approaches in Top Medispas

Top Medispas go beyond aesthetics by integrating wellness services and holistic approaches. Discover the connection between Medispa treatments and overall well-being, providing patients with a comprehensive and fulfilling experience.

The Connection Between Top Medispa Treatments and Overall Well-being

The Medispa experience extends beyond external beauty, impacting overall well-being. Explore the programs and treatments offered by top Medispas that contribute to a holistic sense of health and happiness.

Showcasing Top Medispas That Offer a Holistic Wellness Experience

For those seeking a holistic wellness experience, explore the top Medispas in Singapore that have embraced a comprehensive approach to beauty, wellness, and natural beauty.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a Medispa and a clinic?

A Medispa typically offers a blend of traditional spa services with medical treatments, focusing on cosmetic and aesthetic procedures like Botox injections, laser hair removal, and chemical peels. These treatments are often overseen by medical professionals. In contrast, a clinic provides a broader range of medical services beyond aesthetics, including primary care, specialist consultations, and diagnostic tests, and is staffed by doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals.

What is the future of Medispa?

The future of Medispas appears promising as the demand for non-invasive cosmetic procedures and wellness services continues to rise. Advancements in technology and techniques are expected to lead to safer and more effective treatments, catering to a wider demographic.

What are the most popular Medi Spa services?

The most sought-after Medi Spa services include Botox and dermal fillers for wrinkle reduction and facial enhancement, laser hair removal for long-term hair reduction, chemical peels for skin rejuvenation, microdermabrasion for exfoliation, customized facials for various skin concerns, body contouring for fat reduction, and microneedling for collagen stimulation and scar reduction.

What is the revenue of a Medispa?

The revenue of a Medispa can vary based on factors such as location, services offered, reputation, and clientele. On average, Medispas can generate several hundred thousand to over a million dollars annually.