Recommended Aftercare For Milia Removal For Adults

Milia seen manual extraction
Milia seen manual extraction

Milia seeds are a common skin concern that can appear as small, white raised bumps on the skin. There are two types of milia seeds - primary milia, which are commonly found in newborns, and secondary milia, which can develop as a result of skin trauma, chemical exposure, or other underlying factors.

If you are looking to remove milia seeds, it is important to seek out proper aftercare to ensure the best results. In this article, we will discuss the recommended aftercare for milia removal in adults.

Your skin after milia seed removal

After undergoing milia removal treatment, it's normal for your skin to be slightly red and swollen in the area where the milia seeds were removed.

How long will recovery take

Milia removal recovery time varies depending on the individual and the extent of the treatment. In most cases, the skin returns to its normal appearance within a week to 10 days. However, some individuals may experience redness and swelling for a longer period of time.

What you should do

sunblock application
sunblock application

1)Wear sunblock every day: To help prevent further damage to the skin, it is recommended to wear sunblock every day to protect the treated area from sun exposure.

Avoid being exposed to sun

2) Avoid exercising, swimming, generally being exposed to sun, or activities that’ll make you perspire: It is important to avoid any activities that may cause excessive sweating, as this can slow down the healing process and lead to infections.

What you should not do

  1. Do not pick the scab: Picking at the scab can cause keloid scarring, slowing down the healing process, and lead to scarring.
  2. Do not apply makeup on the treated area for at least 1 month: It is important to avoid applying any cosmetics to the treated area for at least one month, as this can further irritate the skin and slow down the healing process.

You can treat milia with advanced electrolysis, salicylic acid, and other methods. The number of treatments required will vary depending on the severity of the condition. If you are considering milia treatment options, it is important to speak with a dermatologist or skin care professional about milia removal treatment to determine the best course of action for your individual needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does milia extraction treatment take to heal?

The healing process from milia extraction normally takes about 7 - 10 days.

Does milia extraction treatment leave scars?

Milia extraction does not typically leave scars, however, some patients might experience slight bruising or redness around the affected area which should be gone after a couple of days.

What happens if you remove milia?

If you remove milia, it will help clear up any skin issues that are caused by the buildup of oil and dirt within the follicle. Additionally, removing milia can also improve your complexion, reduce wrinkles and restore the skin's natural glow.