Manscaping Singapore: What It Is + How Much


Manscaping has become an increasingly popular grooming practice among men in Singapore. This article explores what manscaping is and its growing popularity in the country.

We will discuss different manscaping techniques, how to choose the right method, common areas for manscaping, costs associated with manscaping services, and provide tips for safely manscaping at home.

If you've ever wondered about getting rid of body hair or achieving a well-groomed look, read on to discover more about manscaping in Singapore.

What is Manscaping?

Manscaping refers to the process of grooming and removing unwanted body hair to achieve a cleaner, more polished appearance. It involves various methods such as shaving, trimming, waxing, or using laser hair removal to manage hair growth on different parts of the body.

While it is a personal choice, many men choose manscaping to enhance their physical aesthetics and improve personal hygiene.

The Growing Popularity of Manscaping in Singapore

In recent years, the popularity of manscaping has grown significantly in Singapore. Men are embracing the idea of grooming beyond their facial hair and paying attention to other areas of their bodies.

Manscaping helps individuals feel more confident, comfortable, and can be seen as a form of self-care. With an increased focus on personal grooming and overall well-being, Singaporean men are turning to manscaping as part of their regular grooming routine.

Different Manscaping Techniques

There are several techniques available for manscaping, each with its own benefits and considerations. Let's explore some of the most common methods:

  1. Shaving: Shaving is a popular and easily accessible method for hair removal. It can be done using a razor or an electric shaver. Shaving is effective for removing body hair temporarily, but it requires regular maintenance as hair grows back quickly. It is commonly used for areas such as the chest, armpits, and facial hair.
  2. Trimming: Trimming involves using a specialized trimmer or scissors to shorten the length of body hair without completely removing it. Trimming is ideal for maintaining a neat appearance without the hassle of daily shaving. It is often used for chest hair, pubic hair grooming, and facial hair.
  3. Waxing: Waxing involves applying warm wax to the desired area and then removing it quickly, taking the hair along with it. This method provides longer-lasting results compared to shaving or trimming as it removes hair from the root. However, it can be a more painful process and may cause temporary redness or irritation.
  4. Laser Hair Removal: Laser hair removal is a semi-permanent method that uses targeted laser energy to destroy hair follicles, reducing hair growth over time. It is a more expensive option but offers long-term results. Laser hair removal is commonly used for areas such as the back, chest, and pubic region.

How to Choose the Right Manscaping Method?

Choosing the right manscaping method depends on various factors such as personal preference, desired results, sensitivity of the skin, and budget. Consider the following when selecting a manscaping technique:

  1. Hair Type and Growth: Different hair types may respond differently to various methods. Thick, coarse hair may require more intensive methods like waxing or laser hair removal, while finer hair can be effectively managed with shaving or trimming.
  2. Skin Sensitivity: If you have sensitive skin, it's essential to choose a method that minimizes the risk of post-shave irritation or ingrown hairs. Trimming or using electric shavers may be more suitable for individuals with sensitive skin.
  3. Time and Maintenance: Consider the time and effort you are willing to invest in maintaining your manscaping routine. Shaving requires frequent upkeep, while methods like waxing or laser hair removal offer longer-lasting results.
  4. Budget: Each manscaping method varies in cost. Shaving and trimming are generally more budget-friendly, while waxing and laser hair removal may involve higher upfront expenses.

Common Areas for Manscaping

Manscaping can be done on various areas of the body. Some common areas that men choose to groom include:

  1. Chest Hair: Many men opt to manage or remove excess chest hair for a cleaner, more defined look.
  2. Pubic Hair Grooming: Pubic hair grooming is a personal choice. Some men prefer a completely hair-free look, while others prefer trimming or shaping the hair in that area.
  3. Facial Hair: Manscaping isn't limited to body hair alone. Facial hair grooming, including trimming or shaping the beard, mustache, or sideburns, is also considered a part of manscaping.
  4. Armpit Hair: Managing armpit hair is another common area for manscaping. Shaving or trimming the underarm hair can help reduce odor and improve hygiene.

The Costs of Manscaping in Singapore

The cost of manscaping in Singapore can vary depending on the method chosen and the service provider. Factors influencing the cost include the area being treated, the expertise of the professional, and the quality of products used.

While it is difficult to provide exact prices, let's explore the factors that can influence the cost of manscaping.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Manscaping

  1. Treatment Area: The size and complexity of the area being treated will impact the cost. Larger areas such as the back or chest may cost more compared to smaller areas like the armpits.
  2. Professional Expertise: Experienced professionals or certified specialists may charge higher fees for their services.
  3. Service Provider: The reputation and location of the service provider can influence the cost. Upscale salons or specialized clinics may have higher prices compared to regular barbershops.
  4. Frequency of Sessions: For methods like waxing or laser hair removal, multiple sessions are usually required for optimal results. The overall cost will depend on the number of sessions needed.

Average Costs for Different Manscaping Services

While the exact costs can vary, here are some approximate average costs for different manscaping services in Singapore:

  1. Shaving or Trimming: Costs for shaving or trimming tools and products can range from SGD 10 to SGD 50, depending on the brand and quality of the equipment.
  2. Waxing: Professional waxing services typically start at around SGD 30 per session, with the cost increasing for larger treatment areas or more specialized services.
  3. Laser Hair Removal: Laser hair removal is a more significant investment, with prices typically ranging from SGD 150 to SGD 500 per session, depending on the treated area and the number of sessions required.

Tips for Manscaping at Home Safely

If you prefer to manscape at home, consider these tips to ensure a safe and comfortable experience:

  1. Prepare the Skin: Take a warm shower or use a warm towel to soften the hair and open up the hair follicles. This will make the process easier and help reduce the risk of ingrown hairs.
  2. Use Appropriate Tools: Invest in quality shaving or trimming tools specifically designed for manscaping. Dull blades can cause skin irritation or cuts.
  3. Trim Before Shaving: If you choose to shave, trim the hair to a shorter length first. This will make the shaving process smoother and reduce the chances of clogging the razor.
  4. Exfoliate Regularly: Exfoliating the skin a few times a week can help prevent ingrown hairs and keep the skin smooth.
  5. Moisturize After Shaving: Apply a gentle, alcohol-free moisturizer or aftershave balm to soothe the skin and minimize post-shave irritation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do men get rid of pubic hair in Singapore?

Men in Singapore can remove pubic hair through various methods such as shaving, trimming, waxing, or using laser hair removal. The choice of method depends on personal preference, desired results, and factors like skin sensitivity and budget.

How much does a Manscape cost?

The cost of manscaping can vary depending on the method chosen and the service provider. Shaving and trimming tools can range from SGD 10 to SGD 50. Professional waxing services start at around SGD 30 per session, while laser hair removal can range from SGD 150 to SGD 500 per session.

Should men do manscaping?

Manscaping is a personal choice. Some men prefer the clean, well-groomed look achieved through manscaping, while others may choose to embrace their natural body hair. It ultimately depends on individual preferences and comfort.

Is it worth it to Manscape?

The decision to manscape is subjective and depends on personal preferences and grooming goals. Manscaping can help individuals feel more confident, comfortable, and maintain personal hygiene. It is worth considering if you desire a well-groomed appearance and want to manage or remove unwanted body hair.