How Many Sessions of SHR is Needed? Tips for Effective Hair Removal

Hairless legs
Hairless legs

People wonder about the number of sessions needed for SHR to be effective. This is dependent on individual factors and can vary, but multiple treatments are usually necessary in order to attain ideal results. In this article, we discuss the factors that determine how many treatments a person will need and give tips on how to maximize the effectiveness of each session.

What is SHR?

SHR hair removal
SHR hair removal

Super Hair Removal (SHR) is an innovative technology that uses a combination of laser and intense pulsed light to deliver heat energy directly to the hair follicle, thus destroying it. This process is faster, gentler and more efficient than any other hair removal treatment available today. With SHR, you can achieve long-term results without having to worry about harsh side effects or painful procedures.

How does SHR work?

SHR permanent hair removal
SHR permanent hair removal

Unlike traditional laser hair removal, SHR's gradual heating process allows for the delivery of energy over a longer period, making it more comfortable for patients and less damaging to skin. Furthermore, this method enables us to provide treatment options on various types of tanned skin which is usually not available with usual laser hair removal treatments. Therefore SHR stands out as an important option in modern advances in technology when considering removing unwanted hairs!

Factors that Affect the Number of SHR Sessions Needed:

Several factors can affect the number of SHR sessions needed for effective hair removal. These factors include:

Hair color and thickness:

The darker and thicker the hair , the more sessions may be needed to achieve optimal results. This is because the hair follicle is more difficult to destroy with light energy when there is more melanin present in the hair.

Skin color:

The colour of the skin can also affect the number of sessions needed for SHR. Lighter skin types typically require fewer sessions than darker skin types, as there is less risk of the skin absorbing the light energy and becoming damaged.


Hormones can also play a role in and can impact the effectiveness of SHR. Hormonal changes, such as those that occur during pregnancy or menopause, can stimulate hair growth and require additional sessions.

Treatment area:

The size and location of the treatment area can also impact the number of sessions needed for SHR. Larger areas such as the back or legs may require more sessions than smaller areas such as the upper lip or chin.

What to Expect During an SHR Treatment?

During a SHR hair removal treatment, a handheld device is used to send controlled pulses of light energy into the hair follicles. Patients can expect some mild warmth or tingling sensation, but no anaesthesia is necessary as it's usually well-tolerated. Afterwards, they may experience slight redness and swelling, which usually passes within several hours.

How Many Sessions of SHR is Needed for Effective Hair Removal?

As previously discussed, the necessary number of SHR hair removal sessions can fluctuate depending on one’s hair and skin type . Generally speaking, most patrons need between 6-8 meetings with a couple of weeks in between each session to achieve ideal results. To maintain those effects over time, follow-up visits may be required as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is 12 sessions enough for SHR?

In general, most patients require between 6-8 treatments; however, it may be necessary to have additional treatments depending on individual's hair follicles and hair growth patterns, and response to treatment. It's important for patients to talk with their doctor about how many hair removal treatments are needed for their particular needs.

Is 6 sessions of SHR enough?

It depends on a variety of factors such as hair and skin type, hormones, and treatment area. However, typically it is recommended that patients receive at least 6-8 sessions to achieve optimal results.

How many SHR sessions do I need?

Typically, most people will need between 6-8 sessions to achieve optimal hair reduction done 2 weeks apart and maintenance sessions done every 4-8 weeks.