Fat Freeze vs Liposuction: Effectiveness, Side Effects & Costs

liposuction vs fat freezing

Both Liposuction and fat freezing are fat reduction treatments for body contouring. However, they are completely different as one requires surgery and the other doesn't.

In this article, we will explain how liposuction and fat freezing work and show you a comparison between the two. This will help you better evaluate which is more suitable for you.

How Does Fat Freeze Work?

science behind fat freezing

The way fat-freezing treatments work is quite simple. As fatty tissues are more sensitive to cold temperatures compared to other cells, the freezing temperature would destroy fat cells without harming other cells.

A membrane is laid on the areas with excess fat deposits and the fat freeze machine uses an applicator to freeze the body fat. The intense cold temperature will kill targeted fat cells. The broken down fat cells then get flushed out of your system in standard natural ways, leaving you with a slimmer body.

How Does Liposuction Work?

In contrast, liposuction is a cosmetic surge procedure used to remove stubborn fats from the body. The surgery is performed by making a small incision in the skin and using a suction device to remove the fat and an invasive surgical procedure that involves cutting and stitching. The surgical team may use local anesthesia, such as lidocaine, or they may sedate you with general anesthesia.

A plastic surgeon makes small incisions with a scalpel around the areas being treated. They then use a long, narrow tool called a cannula to loosen fat cells. A vacuum attached to the cannula sucks the dislodged fat cells out of your body.

How are they similar?

Both liposuction and fat freezing work to remove unwanted fat and permanently remove fat cells in the treated area. As a result, you will experience weight loss after either procedure.

Both procedures target a wide array of areas on the body, such as the waist, belly, hips, outer thighs, inner thighs, chin, and neck.

They remove excess subcutaneous fat which is the fats underneath the layers of the skin. These are the fats that accumulate when you start gaining weight.

What are the differences?

differences between fat freezing and liposuction

So what's the bottom line?

Although fat freezing and liposuction are both popular body contouring procedures, they have some major differences. Fat freezing is non-invasive, meaning there is no downtime or recovery period required. Liposuction, on the other hand, is an invasive surgery that comes with a significant amount of Recovery time needed. Even though liposuction provides faster results, it may not be the best option if you don't want to resume your life for a considerable amount of time.

If you would like to learn more about fat freezing and ask specific questions tailored to your needs, feel free to book an appointment with us. We are highly experienced and will not hard-sell you big packages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does fat freezing work?

Fat freeze is a well-known medical technique that has shown a non-surgical facelift with just a few sessions and is clinically proven safe. This is a non-invasive non-surgical procedure that helps with fat reduction. It offers many benefits over conventional weight loss techniques as a noninvasive method. In 2008 an American Medical Association study found cryolipolysis reduced fat layers by 45%.

Over the following weeks, your immune system will clear off the fats in natural ways.

Is freezing fat worth it?

After one session, fat freezing has been proven in clinical trials to effectively lower subcutaneous fats by 25%. Clients who want to reduce body fats while still seeing significant results in the shortest amount of time are attracted to the treatment's effectiveness. The fat freezing cost varies from place to place and whether it's worth it also depends on how much you pay.

kill fat cells by fat freezing which helps in body contouring, the dead fat cells gets flushed through lymphatic system
Kill fat cells by fat freezing which helps in body contouring, the dead fat cells gets flushed through lymphatic system

What Treatment Melts Fat?

RF machines are often used to "melt fats" while fat freezing helps to freeze fats. Some places even combine the two into one treatment which helps you slim down targetted areas.

Excess weight can be reduced by many slimming treatments singapore
Excess weight can be reduced by many slimming treatments Singapore

Is Freezing Fat Permanent?

You may still gain weight if you do not maintain your diet. Although our competitors might try to tell you that the results are permanent, we want you to know that this still depends on having the appropriate diet plan.

If you do one or two sessions but then eat 5000 calories, you're still going to experience weight gain. If you're doing the sessions and maintaining your ideal body weight, the results often last a long time.