Attention: People Who Hate Big Packages & Hard-Selling

We help people who are sick of hard-selling and big packages treat their acne and acne scars faster (even if some other place made your face worse)

*Our Glycolic Acid Chemical Peel Treatment is $350 now and $350 for future treatments. No packages & no hard-selling.
05 January 2023, Kosme Aesthetics, 277 Orchard Road, Orchard Gateway #03-08/09

First off… This is NOT for you if you're:

  • Looking for doctors or dermatologists for oral medicine - We’re not doctors
  • Afraid of pain when your acne is extracted
  • Lazy and unwilling to take care of your skin back at homeExpect instant results
  • Busy and have no time to come down 6 times over 57 days

If that is you, STOP reading now.

On the other hand, if you are happy to get most of your acne cleared within a few weeks, read on...
... because we're offering the following:

  • $200 Acne Facial Treatment that lets you experience our service and treatment quality
  • Guaranteed results that works for both active acne and acne scars
  • Completely no obligation to continue, in a safe environment with no packages and no hard-selling

Introducing Kosme Aesthetics

Hey it's Wayne Yap here, accidental owner of Kosme Aesthetics.

I got into the beauty industry because I was extremely frustrated by the state of it... the dirty tactics other aesthetic salons and clinics deploy... the hard-selling... the over-promises...

How could it be so hard for people to find beauty services such as acne facials without getting cheated or hard-sold? Why can't there be places that just do business in a clean and ethical way?

People like you and me don't want to spend 30min extra every session in the consultation room being told we need to purchase more services... When we already bought a 10-session package for $1888.

So we decided to go against the industry with a new payment model that has no packages and therefore no hard-selling.

Here is a depiction of what it's like coming to facial vs going to other places:

And we're doing this because we realised that if we were focused on long-term results for people... To actually deliver results and transformation...

...we would attract smart and sophisticated consumers like you, that want guaranteed results from skin treatments, without the stupid hard selling.

So here's the process for you:

Claim a $200 Acne Facial Treatment

  • Chemical peel facial treatment that helps treat both acne and acne scars
  • See if your skin condition qualifies you for the "57 Days, 6 Facials, $200 each and 83% of Acne Gone or 110% of Your Money Back" guarantee
  • Decide (without pressure) whether you want to continue the treatments.

What our clients say

Thousands of happy clients are glad they chose our services.
"Staffs are very gentle and meticulous to your skin’s needs, they’ll only recommend services/packages that will truly benefit your skin. They make you feel very welcomed and make sure you you’re comfortable  and ok at every step of the procedure. Definitely will recommend to friends and family!"

-Puay Tiang
"I loved the ambience where the treatment was ongoing. Very relaxing. Loved the therapist as there is no hard selling, and very professional. No awkward small talks in between session (some therapists can be super chatty, quite annoying when u just want to relax hahaha)"

- Jenny
"First visited after seeing an ad on Facebook, and have returned for sessions for the past year. My skin has improved and I appreciate the treatments and constant advice made by the staff after monitoring my skin."

- Si Ning

What We Stand For

At Kosme Aesthetics, we hate packages and opaque prices. The constant upselling and pushy sales consultants make it impossible for clients to truly relax.

We're not afraid to be different so that we can accomplish our mission: "to make hard-selling and big packages a thing of the past".
Our Salon And Owners Have Been Featured:

FAQ (aka. Questions we think might you might ask)

Will this work for me?

Yes. If not, we 110% of what you paid, so of course, we're going to make it work for you (even if you tried other places and didn't see results).

Will you lock me up in the room and hard-sell me until I buy a big package?

If there's a single reason we exist as a business, it's our good vs evil mission. We're here to provide an option for people that don't believe in hard-selling. Our $150 - $350 price range isn't suitable for everybody, but people love us because they save time and energy NOT being in the consultation room for hours...

As Terence and Dawn put it... "No package, how to hard sell?"

Why is your guarantee so good?

Because we want more people to give our services a try. The more people that experience this "no packages & no hard-selling" model, the more we can accomplish our good vs evil mission.

Which is to make hard-selling and big packages a thing of the past. (Of course, we hope you like our services enough that you become a regular)

Are your facial treatments good?

When we don't sell packages, we must continuously improve our facial treatments so that our clients keep coming back... We're not "trapping you" and so we must do a good job.

Here's what others say...

Okay, the TLDR for those of you who just scrolled to the bottom:

  • Try our Full-Service Chemical Peel Acne Facial Treatment to treat Acne and Acne Scars for $200.
  • If you find the treatment good, you can continue for $190 per treatment and come 6 more times in 57 days.
  • And we'll get 83% of your acne annihilated or you get 110% of your money back.

P.S. Booking a facial with us means you can just enjoy your treatment and get your acne cleared, instead of getting locked in the room every session asking you to top-up or change your package. Our facials are 100% stress-free :)