Brazilian Vs Bikini Hair Removal? The Ultimate Singapore Guide + Prices

brazilian hair removal
Brazilian  hair removal

Battling unruly body hair has been a worry for centuries, particularly when it comes to pubic areas. Thankfully, the introduction of modern hair removal treatments have made this issue easier and more comfortable to manage than ever before!

Hair removal styles have also evolved over the years, and Brazilian and Bikini hair removal treatments have become the most popular options. In this article, we will discuss the differences between the two treatments and their benefits, as well as the most common hair removal methods in Singapore and their prices.

Understanding Brazilian and Bikini Hair Removal

What is Brazilian and Bikini hair removal?

Brazilian hair removal treatment removes all hair from the pubic region, including the hair on the labia and the perianal region. Bikini hair removal, on the other hand, only removes the hair that is visible outside of the panty line.

Why are they so popular?

Nowadays, more and more people are turning to Brazilian hair removal treatment as a means of achieving the much-desired smooth bikini area. Additionally, some opt for partial Bikini hair removal in order to maintain some pubic hair while still keeping it neat and tidy.

Choosing between Brazilian and Bikini hair removal

At the end of the day, it's all about personal preference when considering Brazilian or Bikini laser hair removal treatment. Some opt for bikini treatment for total smoothness while others may prefer a minimal amount of fuzz due to aesthetics or other considerations.

Comparing Brazilian and Bikini Hair Removal

Coverage and Area

When it comes to Brazilian and Bikini hair removal, the major distinction lies in what areas are touched by each procedure. For a Brazilian waxing, all available hair is removed across a larger area than with the latter option - which only clears dark hair on what's visible outside of your underwear.

Pain and Discomfort

Although Brazilian and Bikini hair removal can be uncomfortable for most, those with sensitive skin may experience more pain. Brazilian hair removal takes it a step further by requiring the eradicating of almost all pubic hair and area hairs, including around the labia and perianal region. As such, this procedure is undoubtedly more painful compared to its counterpart.


Brazilian hair removal is the ultimate solution for desiring a completely bald pubic area, with results that are longer-lasting than Bikini hair removal. With Bikini waxing routine maintenance is essential in order to sustain its effects; however, the same cannot be said about Brazilian waxing as it requires far less upkeep.

The Benefits of Brazilian Hair Removal

Enhanced Appearance

Brazilian hair removal can help you feel more attractive and confident in your own skin by providing a completely smooth, hairless pubic area that looks great.

Increased Confidence

For those looking for a smoother, more confident feeling in their intimate area, Brazilian hair removal can be just the solution. This form of hair removal provides lasting results and is becoming increasingly popular as people seek to achieve great-looking skin from head to toe.

Reduced Maintenance

With Brazilian hair removal, you can achieve long-lasting results and spend less time maintaining your look because of the fewer visits to the salon.

The Benefits of Bikini Hair Removal

Minimal Coverage

Bikini hair removal is the ideal option for those seeking a more subtle look, as it only removes visible hairs outside of your bikini line your underwear line.

Reduced Pain and Discomfort

In comparison to Brazilian hair removal, bikini waxing is a much less uncomfortable procedure, as it only requires the elimination of hairs in an area that's significantly more limited.

Affordable and Accessible

Bikini hair removal is a great choice for those on a budget, as it is both inexpensive and easily accessible in comparison to Brazilian hair removal.

Most common hair removal methods



Waxing is a leading method of hair removal in Singapore, with prices varying from $20-$80 depending on the body part.



Shaving is an effective and speedy way to get rid of unwanted hair, yet ingrown hairs cant be removed by shaving and the effects are temporary. Prices for razors range from low cost to higher end options – anywhere between $5 - $20.

Hair removal cream

Hair removal cream

Hair removal creams provide a simple and pocket-friendly solution to unwanted body hair follicles, with prices starting at just $5.


epilator for body hair removal and bikini hairs

Investing in an epilator can be a cost-effective solution for hair removal. Prices range from as little as $50 to upwards of $200, depending on the features and quality you're looking for!


laser hair removal treatments

Transform your body and get rid of unwanted hair with ipl hair removal treatment or SHR (Super Hair Removal) treatments! Working via intense pulsed light technology, they offer long-term permanent results. Prices differ dependent on area - sessions can range anywhere from $80 up to an affordable $400.

In conclusion, Brazilian and Bikini hair removal treatments are popular options for those who want to remove unwanted hair from their pubic area. The choice between the two treatments ultimately comes down to personal preference, as well as the desired level of coverage and maintenance required. It's also essential to consider the pain and discomfort levels of each treatment.

When it comes to hair removal methods in Singapore, there are different hair removal styles, from affordable shaving and hair removal creams to more expensive and permanent options like IPL and SHR treatments. Whatever method you choose, it's crucial to consider the prices and the level of maintenance required to ensure that you can maintain your desired level of hair removal in the long term.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Brazilian laser hair removal painful?

Brazilian laser hair removal technology can cause some discomfort depending on an individual's pain tolerance level; however, many technicians use numbing cream prior to treatment which helps reduce any discomfort that might be felt during the procedure.

Is Brazilian hair removal embarrassing?

No, Brazilian hair removal should not be embarrassing as long as it is performed by a qualified technician in a professional setting with good hygiene practices observed such as using disposable gloves and single use items like razor blades or applicators for waxing.

What is female Brazilian hair removal?

SHR on lower body
Brazilian hair removal

Female Brazilian pubic hair removal is a process that removes all of the visible hairs on the pubic area, including those in between the buttocks and extending onto the inner thighs.

How long does a Brazilian hair removal last?

SHR brazilian hair removal
Brazilian hair removal

Brazilian hair removal can last up to 6 weeks before the hair begins to re-grow.