The Honest Truth: Does Fat Freezing Remove Cellulites?

cellulites present in the thighs

Fat freezing treatment does not reduce cellulite. However, it does effectively remove fat bulges in the outer, back and inner thighs to give you a slimmer thigh.

Whether you should do fat freeze would ultimately depend on your goal. If it is to solely treat cellulite, then fat freeze is not suitable. But, if you would like a more defined thigh, you can do fat freeze alongside other cellulite reduction procedures to get rid of cellulite.

How does cellulite form?

Cellulite refers to the visible lumpy, dimpled flesh on the thighs, hips and buttocks. It is a non-serious medical condition that is common in adult women. It is not necessary to seek treatment, but many look for alternatives as cellulite can affect one's self-confidence.

Cellulite forms when fibrous bands connecting your skin to the underlying muscle tighten irregularly. This tightening pulls down on your skin, and the normal layer of fat beneath the skin pushes upward, resulting in a bumpy appearance of the skin.

What is fat freeze and what does it do?

science behind fat freezing

Fat freezing treatments are effective in reducing subcutaneous fat in body areas such as love handles, upper arms and thighs.

During this fat reduction treatment, cold temperatures are used to freeze fat cells causing fat cell death in the treated area. As fatty tissue is more sensitive to cold temperatures compared to other cells, the freezing temperature would destroy fat cells causing cell death without harming other cells. The stubborn fat cells destroyed by the extreme cold temperature will be naturally removed from your body system within a few weeks. The death and removal of unwanted fat cells are what causes weight loss.

Most coolsculpting patients would lose weight and notice results within 4 weeks of their first treatment. Fat freezing can reduce the fat deposit near the connective tissues, leaving you with a slimmer-looking leg.

Common body parts for fat freeze

As there are many different applicator sizes, it is possible to treat a wide array of body parts in a single treatment session. The treatment results vary, but on average, each one to two sessions can reduce body fat by about 25% in the targeted area.

Commonly treated areas include:

Double chin

Lower arm flab

Upper arms

Armpit pooch

Upper and lower abdomen

Love handles or flanks


Banana roll

Inner thigh

Knee chub

How soon can I expect to see results?

It takes approximately a month before results start to appear. This is due to the nature of how the fat-freezing technology works. After the fat cells are frozen and dead, your body's lymphatic system will take a while to naturally get rid of these dead fat cells.

Multiple sessions are needed in larger areas such as the thighs. Within 3 to 4 sessions, coolsculpting patients would notice a decrease in size and reduced fatty deposits on treated areas.

Treatments suitable for cellulite reduction

Other non-invasive treatments such as Radiofrequency and Ultrasound treatments are effective cellulite treatment options. These treatments have skin-tightening effects which help reduce the appearance of cellulite.

You can go for these treatments alongside fat freezing, as long as the treatments are not on the same day. By doing both simultaneously, you will get a slimmer thigh with smooth and tight skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does fat freezing work?

Fat freeze is a well-known medical technique that has shown a non-surgical facelift with just a few sessions and is clinically proven safe. This is a non-invasive non-surgical procedure that helps with fat reduction. It offers many benefits over conventional weight loss techniques as a noninvasive method. In 2008 an American Medical Association study found cryolipolysis reduced fat layers by 45%.

Over the following weeks, your immune system will clear off the fats in natural ways.

Is freezing fat worth it?

After one session, fat freezing has been proven in clinical trials to effectively lower subcutaneous fats by 25%. Clients who want to reduce body fats while still seeing significant results in the shortest amount of time are attracted to the treatment's effectiveness. The fat freezing cost varies from place to place and whether it's worth it also depends on how much you pay.

kill fat cells by fat freezing which helps in body contouring, the dead fat cells gets flushed through lymphatic system
Kill fat cells by fat freezing which helps in body contouring, the dead fat cells gets flushed through lymphatic system

What Treatment Melts Fat?

RF machines are often used to "melt fats" while fat freezing helps to freeze fats. Some places even combine the two into one treatment which helps you slim down targetted areas.

Excess weight can be reduced by many slimming treatments singapore
Excess weight can be reduced by many slimming treatments Singapore

Is Freezing Fat Permanent?

You may still gain weight if you do not maintain your diet. Although our competitors might try to tell you that the results are permanent, we want you to know that this still depends on having the appropriate diet plan.

If you do one or two sessions but then eat 5000 calories, you're still going to experience weight gain. If you're doing the sessions and maintaining your ideal body weight, the results often last a long time.

How does fat freezing work?

It's scientifically possible in fat freezing that this effect induces apoptosis. As fat is resistant to temperatures, the freezing temperatures will make the cells freeze and die thus preventing any other damage. The treatment freezes your fat cells at -5°C, leaving surrounding tissues unharmed.

Over the following weeks, your immune system will clear off the fats in natural ways.