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Before and after fat freezing in men
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Plenty of men struggle with losing weight around the waist. If you are a man who has been dieting and working out without results, fat freeze can help you eliminate those pesky fat cells.

In this blog post, we will explain why coolsculpting is becoming increasingly popular among men, the areas men choose to fat freeze, its effectiveness and its duration to see the results.

Why do men turn to fat freezing?

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There are many reasons why men choose coolsculpting, one of which is due to their slowing metabolism rate. In men the metabolism rate starts to decrease after 40, meaning that more fat gets stored around the belly and love handles. Too much accumulate weight in these areas is harmful to your health.

Another factor is genetics. Some men are also more inclined to obesity and stomach fat because of their genes. Although genetics does play a role in weight gain, its effects are less drastic compared to lifestyle habits such as lack of exercise and excessive consumption of alcohol. Consuming beer regularly can lead to the development of a classic "beer belly." However, beer isn't the only form of alcohol that contributes to abdominal fat. In fact, any significant consumption of alcohol (with wine as the potential exception) can increase your tendency to store fat around your abdomen.

How effective is fat freeze?

Fat freezing
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Fat Freeze is a safe and effective treatment to get rid of stubborn fat. The satisfaction rate for this procedure is high. More than 85% of patients are "very satisfied" with the results after 12 weeks post-final treatment.

A single coolsculpting treatment session can result in a 20-25% fat loss in the treated area, but you may need more than one session depending on your desired goal and the size of your body part. Studies have shown that the average reduction of fat on the side belly was 20.4% at 2 months and 25.5% at 6 months.

Common body parts that men use fat freezing for

Fat-freezing areas for men
Common body parts that men use fat freezing for

Some of the most common fat-freezing areas for men are:

  • Abdomen region (belly fat)
  • love handles
  • Chest (moobs or man boobs)
  • Double Chin

How long to see results from fat freeze?

After your first coolsculpting treatment of a large area, on average you will see noticeable results (fat removal) within one to three months.

Most who have undergone fat freeze are greatly satisfied with their fat reduction treatment after 4 sessions. However, the results of the procedure vary depending on several factors such as the frequency of visits, the size of the treatment area and the patient's lifestyle.

So what's the bottom line?

When it comes to fat freeze, men are increasingly turning to this modern and effective procedure to get back in shape.

You will generally start seeing results within one to three months after your first session, but it's important to note that you may need more than one session depending on your body size and desired results. Since fat freeze is safe and effective, it is an attractive option for men to remove their stubborn fat bulges and excess fat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Fat Freezing Work?

Fat freeze is a well-known medical technique that has shown a non-surgical facelift with just a few sessions and is clinically proven safe. This is a non-invasive non-surgical procedure that helps with fat reduction. It offers many benefits over conventional weight loss techniques as a noninvasive method. In 2008 an American Medical Association study found cryolipolysis reduced fat layers by 45%.

Over the following weeks, your immune system will clear off the fats in natural ways as damaged fat cells are naturally metabolised by your lymphatic system.

Is Fat Freezing Permanent?

You may still gain weight if you do not maintain your diet. Although our competitors might try to tell you that the results are permanent, we want you to know that this still depends on having the appropriate diet plan.

‍If you do one or two sessions but then eat 5000 calories, you're still going to experience weight gain. If you're doing the sessions and maintaining your ideal body weight, the results often last a long time.

How does fat freezing work?

Science behind cryolipolysis
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The science behind how Cryolipolysis works is actually quite simple. Fat cells are more sensitive to cold temperatures than other types of cells in your body. Extreme cold kill fat cells.

Cryo-fat freeze treatment works by causing cell apoptosis (fat cell death) at freezing temperatures. A membrane is laid on your body and the fat freeze machine uses a suction cup to freeze the fat cells.

The cold temperatures then cause targeted fatty tissue to freeze and hence die. The dead fat cells then get flushed out by the lymphatic system in standard natural ways.

Can you do fat freezing at home?

 fat freezing method at home (lipo belt)
is it safe to freeze away fat at your home?

Yes, it's possible to do fat-freezing treatments at home if you purchase professional devices. However, it's unsafe and inadvisable to do so, as the procedure involves precise temperatures and specific body parts.

Furthermore, many at-home treatments like using ice packs do not work.