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For people who want to tone or sculpt the last few inches of fat. Known as a Butt Lift alternative. Popular for creating lines in the abdominals. Great before beach vacays where you want to look your hottest.

Fat Freeze

For those with "kiap-able" fats they want to lose. The 360 cups uses a high-powered suction to freeze your fats off at -5°C, causing fat cell death, which is then passed out of your system in natural ways.

Whitening Facial

Legend has it that a Kosme vain-pot read scientific journals, ingredient labels and tested countless products to design this facial. So that she can walk her beach-loving Border doodle while maintaining her preferred face tone.

LED Teeth Whitening

Desperately need Coffee every morning? To recover from too much French Reds last night? Probably not you, but some of us find it hard to say no to your friend's Cigarettes after a couple of drinks. Do this treatment if you want your teeth whiter (hey - boss doesn't need to know about last night.)

Super Hair Removal(SHR)

Full Brazilian. Full Legs. Full Arms. Dear ladies and gents, according to team Kosme, no one likes eating hair. Wait, why are you even eating someone's leg hair?

Acne Facial

We won't promise to clear your acne in 7 days or with only 1 facial, because this will be too harsh for your skin. Instead, we give your skin the care it needs, giving your pimples the time it needs to safely "pop" out of your life. We guarantee that 83% of your acne will be gone within 57 days or 110% of your money back.