2x Free Non Surgical Butt Lift Treatments? No Big Packages & Hard Selling?

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Our Big Promise and 3 No's

At Kosme Aesthetics, we hate packages. The constant upselling and pushy sales consultants make it impossible for clients to truly relax. We've swapped expensive packages for a clear and fair pricing model.

Two free trials - then $250 ala-carte.

No Packages

Ever bought a 10 session package only to purposely miss your last 3 appointments because you know the sales consultant is going to sell you something? Yeah, we hate it too.

No Top-Ups

We can imagine your shock when you realised your $38 trial facial doesn't include extraction/mask/ampoule. Don't worry, our facials are full service- EVERYTHING is included.

No Hard-Selling

Without packages, there is no way for us to hard-sell you during your trial. You won’t be stuck with a package and constantly asked to buy another.

Why are we doing this?

Because the aesthetics industry is broken & our new business model solves that.
  • We make it possible for people to have facials and excellent skin without getting cheated.
  • We align incentives between clients, therapists, and business owners.
  • It’s possible to have an ethical aesthetics business that doesn’t hard-sell.
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Why Get A Butt Lift?

As we age, it's natural for our bodies to appear less toned and "softer". One of the areas where this is most obvious is our butts because it is our largest group of muscles. This is especially true for women because we tend to store fats in the lower half of our body, so many weight gain due to pregnancy, diet, or simply aging, tends to be the most obvious in that region.
If you notice your butt getting saggy, don't worry. Saggy butts aren't a medical condition that you need to worry about. However, if you'd like to get back that ass that you had when you were 22 years old, it is now possible without having to spend hours doing pilates and doing painful exercises.

Why Get A Non Surgical Butt Lift?

Brazilian butt lifts are probably what you first thought of when you were thinking about ways to enhance your butt. However, it involves going under the knife, might leave scars, and is overall an extremely painful process.

In 2023, technology has advanced to the point that it is now possible for non invasive and non surgical machines to target specific muscles to mimic the effects of body sculpting surgery. While the results will definitely not be as dramatic or as instant as plastic surgery, you'll be able to see and feel your butt revert back to the time you were 22 years old.

Our Non-Surgical and Effective Butt Lift Treatment

The only medical treatment that is effective is surgery…until now! Emshape employs a new technology called High EMS - High Electrical Muscle Stimulation.

Emshape induces the muscles in your butt to work beyond what is voluntarily possible. These are called supramaximal contractions which are relatively painless and enjoyed while lying down and relaxing. It’s that easy!

First... If you fall into any of these categories, this is not for you:

      If that is you, STOP reading now.

On the other hand, if you prefer an easier and faster way, read on...
Introducing the new Butt Lift EmShape machine (which we paid $38,200 for on 28th May 2021)...
And I want to give you a gift that allows you to try 2 sessions for free (more explanation at the end of this page).
Or if you'd like to book your first trial session for free because you prefer not to read the rest of this page, click the button below to book.
The Overview of How EmShape Works:
  • It puts your body in “supramaximal contractions” through electromagnetic energy. This induces 20,000 supramaximal muscle contractions.
  • Emshape is able to specifically target your glutes maximus (the muscle responsible for the perkiness of your butt). This is comparable to 20,000 full squats in 1 session.
  • Muscle tissues go through a deep remodelling of their inner structure, which causes muscle building and fat burning.
  • The fat cells die and get flushed out of your system in standard natural ways.
  • Both your friends and enemies will ask if you've been exercising.

And here's an in-depth breakdown of how it works:

Supramaximal contractions from High Electrical Muscle Stimulation

Breaking the Myofibrillar

Muscle Building and Body Shaping

Fat Burning and Flushing

What this treatment is effective for:

And the benefits of that is:

Rumours have it that our clients are:

At My Risk (It Costs You $0):

When we first launched our EmShape program in June 2021, we gave free trials because it was a great way to introduce the program to our clients.

Since then, we've improved our operations and expanded our capacity. We've debated amongst the management on how much we should charge for trials, because now that we're able to take in new clients.

After studying what our competitors are doing, we decided to stick to giving 2 free trials because:

If you want the 2 free sessions first, it looks like this:

So you can do the 2 sessions first at my risk and expense...

We're doing this because we've recently purchased a second machine and improved our operational efficiency.

Anyway... If you're not completely satisfied after 2 sessions, well - you haven't spent a single dollar.

However, I'm so confident you will see results that I'm willing to take this money risk.

So if you're ready, click the button below to book your sessions completely risk-free.

Better Than a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

In case it wasn't already clear, you'll get to do 2 sessions even before you decide whether to pay and continue.
Yes, instead of making you pay first and then giving a 100% satisfaction guaranteed, we decided to take the money risk and give you the sessions first.
So click on the "Book Appointment" and redeem your first session risk free.


Final Note

This offer is only valid for 20 people each week because we want to ensure our existing paying clients have available slots left for booking.

We've had weeks where we've done 60+ sessions and our clients LOVE the machine.

So if you're considering it, you might want to do it before it runs out.

To get started right away at no cost, click the orange button below and book now.